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Introducing you to the World's finest coffees, freshly roasted in a truly unique and clean process! 

Limited Quantities Available

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A Cleaner & Healthier Process

We roast our beans in an artisan fluid bed roaster, which is becoming known as a cleaner and healthier method of roasting. In a fluid bed roaster, extremely hot air from below the roast chamber causes the beans to float on a bed of hot air which allows each bean to be evenly roasted and removes the chaff instead of burning onto the beans. This process and the use of hot air instead of gas eliminates the potential risk of having carcinogens or other chemicals on the beans and gives the coffee a very clean and smooth taste that accentuates each beans unique notes and flavors.

Fluid Bed Diagram.JPG

Benefits of Artisanal Fresh Roasted Coffee

  • Health Benefits- Think of all the health benefits associated with coffee, but multiplied. Fresh coffee contains more antioxidants and healthy properties than aged, store-bought coffee. As coffee ages it naturally loses it's natural properties.

  • Aroma- The aroma that fills the air when fresh roasted coffee is ground is the initial sense of the wonderful experience. Depending on the specific beans, they can have indulgent nutty, maple syrupy, floral aromas that are carried through from the cherries/beans.

  • Flavor- Our coffee is so fresh that the flavor is noticeably richer and more delicious. As coffee is roasted, the properties begin to break down, causing the beans to lose their rich and unique flavor profiles. Usually ~14 days after roasting there is a noticeable difference in flavor, which is why we aim to get you your coffee ASAP!

  • Quality- Small-batch artisan style roasting is truly a craft that needs to be learned and mastered. Seemingly minor details like roast time, a few degrees difference in temperature, etc can lead to under/over roasting and a miss of the beans unique notes and desired cupping qualities. This is the level of quality that we pride ourselves on and can't be matched by mass-production coffee.

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